This is the portfolio web site for Marco Lüthy (sometimes written Luethy). Included herein one may find, in addition to my resumé, examples of past projects I've worked on as well as some other portfolio boosting materials.

With 6+ years of professional web-related experience, I have a strong grasp on the rapidly evolving technologies which surround us. I am extremely well versed in Web-technologies, technologies which drive the mass-media of the future. I am a new-media factotum knowledgeable in a plethora of Internet-related technologies. I have been involved with web technologies both privately and professionally for many, many years. From content creation like video production and blogging, to programming web-based applications using SaaS (Software as a Service) business models. One of my most satisfying occupations is the dissemination of my thoughts and my ideas into consumable products and media. I now run a small business, Robotag Media based in Tokyo. We do custom, multilingual web development including responsive design.

Web Applications

A sampling of some of the Web applications I've developed in the past.


A sampling of a few of the websites I've designed and/or architected and implemented in the past.


A sampling of my photographic work. One can find more on my Flickr account.



Consultant & Contractor, Web Applications Development

January 2009 ~ Present

  • Created a course catalog (a.k.a. bulletin) site utilizing XML by leveraging OmniUpdate's CMS for content management, and PeopleSoft for course and schedule data for SUNY Stonybrook
    View webcast by SUNY Stonybrook
  • Developed custom task tracking and slide show WordPress plugins for Housing Japan, Inc.
  • Integrated/merged clients proprietary CRM/Property DB system log-in procedure with clients instantiation of WordPress to achieve seamless single-sign-on
  • Developed proprietary point-of-contact to point-of-contract client tracking plus apartment rental and property sales invoicing system for Housing Japan, Inc.
  • Developed proprietary apartment search platform with support for affiliate tracking and re-branding for Housing Japan, Inc.
  • Acted as server administrator handling upgrades, database backups, and maintenance for Housing Japan, Inc. and for select systems belonging to OmniUpdate, Inc.

Meta100, LLC.

C-Level Management

January 2010 ~ Present

  • Participated in a key role in decision making and product development
  • Contributed to and participated in web applications development
  • Assisted in developing marketing strategies and tactics to promote products and services with little or no budget

Smart.fm (Cerego, Inc.)

Marketing Intern

January 2010 ~ April 2010

  • Created guerrilla marketing strategy for online crowd-sourced language learning tools
  • Provided feedback in product decision making

Global Lives Project (Kazakhstan Team)

Main Photographer

October 2009 ~ November 2009

  • Acted as main photographer on the 24-hour documentary shoot in Vannovka, Kazakhstan, working closely with film crew
    View photographs from shoot
  • Post-production work on photographs and distribution

OmniUpdate, Inc.

Web Applications Developer (Previously: Web Developer;  Web Technician)

September 2005 ~ December 2008

  • Developed web-based video transcoding service called Transcode-It™ utilizing Ruby and the Rails framework
  • Developed "start-page" product (OnePage™) akin to Netvibes or iGoogle targeted at HigherEd customers
  • Redesigned and maintained UI for flagship CMS product (OU Campus™) utilizing CSS, Javascript, JSON, and Prototype
  • Pioneered the usage of and leveraged XML, XSL, and XSL-FO utilizing XSLT in flagship CMS product for both internal and client services projects
  • Wrote training materials and documentation (presentations and lab manuals)
  • Prepared lectures and taught 1-3 day training workshops on XML, XSL, and related technologies within OmniUpdate's CMS product
  • Fully redesigned/implemented company website and support documentation site
  • Lead implementation of bug tracking and resolution workflow using Bugzilla
  • Assisted in bug tracking and tracking software management
  • Participated in numerous interviews and assisted in hiring of five support employees including two for managerial positions, and one developer
  • Fixed and/or retooled broken or incorrectly coded (CSS, HTML, XHTML, JS) websites for many (and often well known) Higher Ed. institutions
  • Assisted marketing and sales departments with the creation of technical diagrams and graphics, as well as putting together presentations containing technical content for less-tech savvy audiences
  • Worked closely with marketing department to create technical yet accessible product collateral


  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, CodeIgniter, SQL
  • JavaScript (DHTML, AJAX: XML, JSON), Prototype, Scriptaculous, jQuery
  • FaceBook API, OpenSocial, WordPress API
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL; LAMP deployment, Sendmail, iptables, CVS, SVN
  • Aperture, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, OmniUpdate CMS, Finale Notepad, FinalScratch, GarageBand, Final Cut, OmniGraffle, Pages, Keynote, Numbers
  • Mac OSX, Linux, Windows
  • SaaS


  1. Lüthy, M. and Aucouturier, J.-J. MIR when all recordings are gone: Recommending live music in real-time . Workshop on the Future of MIR, International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), Kobe, Japan, Oct. 2009.


Temple University, Japan Campus

BA, Communications
January 2009 - Spring 2011 (Expected)

Moorpark College

August 2005 - December 2008

Brooks Institute of Photography

January 2005 - July 2005

Adolfo Camarillo High School

High School Diploma
August 2000 - June 2004